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TEIN Suspension - Unleashing the Potential of Toyota GR86, 86, GR Supra, and Corolla. 

TEIN Suspension is a leading manufacturer of high-quality suspension systems designed for Toyota cars. The company is committed to providing drivers with an ultimate driving experience by offering suspensions that deliver quicker and better response for superior road holding during turns.

TEIN's aggressive suspension systems enable drivers to put all their focus into driving, attack the next unknown turn and experience driving as they always imagined. The company's products are highly durable and maintain superior performance, making them ideal for the demands of the race track.

TEIN Suspension is a trusted name in the industry, providing the ultimate sports suspension that delivers uncompromising quality and performance. By choosing TEIN Suspension, Toyota owners can unleash the full potential of their cars and take their driving experience to the next level.


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