New Anzo Plank Style Headlights for 2014+ Toyota 4Runner

New Anzo Plank Style Headlights for 2014+ Toyota 4Runner

by Admin TheOverlandGarage on December 27, 2019 Categories: Product Announcements

The all-new Anzo Plank Style headlights for the 2014+ Toyota 4Runner are a great way to freshen up the front. After the long wait of having no options on the market for cost-effective headlights, Anzo came out with a home run product that has that OEM+ feel, with factory fit and finish. The lights feature a direct factory replacement design, meaning you simply remove the stock lights are re-install these units. Overall install is straightforward, and with some automotive knowledge, three hand tools, and about 30-45min of your time, you can install these at home.

The headlight uses the same style halogen bulbs as OE. However, the projector has been upgraded to a higher quality unit, as can be seen below. For better light control and lighting of objects, The new low-beam projector has a more refined light output which better aims the light instead of simply throwing it forward. In addition the Anzo Plankstyle 4Runner headlights also have a much harder cut off line, which make it optimal to prevent blinding of oncoming traffic if you opt to upgrade the bulbs from the low power included halogen to something like a HID or LED.

The best benefit to these Anzo Headlights for the 2014+ 4Runner will be the LED Plank Running Light. This lights up any time the corner lamps are lit, meaning they can work in conjunction with the headlights on, or individually with the corner lights. This feature is a fantastic aesthetic upgrade, that brings the 4Runners front end to a more modern and sleeker design.

The significant take always is that these Anzo 4Runner aftermarket headlights are available in a Chrome or Black housing. Crisper, higher quality Low-Beam Projector. Include and use stock size halogen bulbs, which are easily upgradeable to HID or LED, the LED Plank Running Light outline for added aesthetic appeal for a modern look.

Available with a Black or Chrome Housing

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