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2023-2016 Toyota Tacoma Lift Kits

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A Toyota Tacoma Lift Kit is a great way to increase ground clearance, fit larger tires, improve the look of the rig and overall make it more capable off-road and on the street. Lift kits are designed to lift and/or level out the suspension on your Tacoma, at TheYotaGarage we have a large selection of parts which will help you achieve the proper lift you are looking for. These options include 2016+ Toyota Tacoma Leveling Kits, Suspension Lift Kits, and Body Lift Kits. 

What Size Tires Can I Run On My 4Runner?

You're ready to run some larger tires on your Tacoma, but will they work with your suspension setup. A suspension lift is a great way to increase the ground clearance and provide extra room for those larger tires. Each Rig is different, here is the recommended Lift & Tire Combination for the 2016+ Toyota Tacoma.

Recommended Lift Height for Tire Fitments:

  • 1-2" Lift: 31x10.5 (Max)
  • 3-4" Lift: 33x12.50 (Max)
  • 6" Lift: 35x12.50 (Max)

2023-2016 Toyota Tacoma Lift Kits

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