The Best 2022+ Toyota Tundra Tonneau & Bed Covers

The Best 2022+ Toyota Tundra Tonneau & Bed Covers

by Sales/Support TheYotaGarage on April 20, 2022 Categories: Top Parts and Gear

If you are looking for the best and top rated Tonneau Covers for your new 2022+ Toyota Tundra, we have compiled a list of the best bed covers on the market currently. A tonneau cover is a great way to protect the cargo in the back of your Tundra from weather and the elements, also a bed cover is a great way to add more security from wondering eyes. One of the first questions which we receive from new Tundra owners is "What is the best Tonneau cover for my Tundra", and many times the answer comes down to personal preference and what you need out of your bed cover, along with your budget. 

You have many options for covers on your new Tundra, the Hard tonneau covers will provide the most protection on your truck, while still protecting your gear from the elements, while soft covers will be lighter, and in most cases will offer full access to your bed with soft roll up options, and will be less expensive. 

Regardless of if you're looking to improve security to the bed of your truck or protect the cargo in the bed of your truck from the elements, we've got you covered with both hard covers and soft covers.


Top Tonneau & Bed Covers for 2022 Toyota Tundra

  1.  Rough Country Hard Low Profile Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover
  2.  Toyota OEM Hard Tonneau Cover
  3.  Rough Country Soft Roll Up Bed Cover
  4.  Extang Solid Fold 2.0 Hard Tri-fold Tonneau Cover
  5.  Extang Xceed Hard Tri-fold Tonneau Cover
  6.  Rough Country Soft Tri-Fold Bed Cover
  7.  Extang Trifecta 2.0 Tri-fold Tonneau Cover
  8.  Extang Trifecta 2.0 Signature Series Tri-Fold
  9.  Extang Trifecta ALX Tri-fold Tonneau Cover
  10.  Extang Trifecta E-Series Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover


Don't see your favorite Tonneau cover or Bed cover on our top list? Make sure to leave us a comment!

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The Tonneau Covers & Bed Cover systems listed on this page are specific to the following Toyota Tundra Rigs:

  • 2022 Toyota Tundra SR
  • 2022 Toyota Tundra SR5
  • 2022 Toyota Tundra Limited
  • 2022 Toyota Tundra Platinum
  • 2022 Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition
  • 2022 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro


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