2024-2022 Toyota Tundra Aftermarket Wheel & Tire Size Reference Guide

2024-2022 Toyota Tundra Aftermarket Wheel & Tire Size Reference Guide

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Updated: 04/04/2023 - Editor Note: Post will be updated frequently as we test more wheel and tire setups on the new 3rd Generation Toyota Tundra

If you are looking at replacing or upgrading the wheels and tires on your 3rd Gen Toyota Tundra, and you are wondering what the biggest tire size you can fit on your 2022+ Toyota Tundra. This New Tundra Wheel & Tire Size Guide will answer the most commonly asked questions to help you make the decision.

What is the 2024-2022 Toyota Tundra Wheel Bolt Pattern,  Center Bore, and Lug Nut Thread Size?

The bolt pattern, which is also referred to as the Tundra lug pattern, is made up of the lug holes which are surrounding the center of the wheel, which is also called the Center Bore. When replacing the wheels on your Tundra you will need to ensure to have the correct bolt pattern to fit your truck. Fortunately, the new 2022+ Toyota Tundra's will utilize the popular 6 lug Bolt pattern which has been used on the Toyota Tacoma, 4Runner and Many other Toyota Models. 

  • 2022+ Toyota Tundra Bolt Pattern: 6x139.7 (mm) or 6x5.5 (in)

  • Center Hub Bore: 95mm

  • Lug Nut Thread Size: M14x15

What is the Best Wheel and Tire Combo For the 3rd Gen Tundra?

If you are looking at uprading the wheels and tires on your new Tundra, without rubbing and fitment issues, you have a couple of options based on the suspension setup and your budget. 

Stock Suspension & Stock Wheels

Recommended Maximum Tire Size: 33" in Diameter

Regardless of which model Tundra you own, the factory tires will be around a 32 1/2" in Diameter, for the full breakdown of tire sizes per model see below. 

1.75" Front Leveling Kit Maximum Wheel and Tire Size < Shop Leveling Kits > 

 Maximum Tire / Wheel Combo Without Major Rubbing Issues

  • 35x12.50R20 w/ 20x9

Maximum Recommended Tire / Wheel size: 

  • 295-60R20 with a 20" x 9" wheel and +18 offset

  • 33" Maximum tire diameter

  • 35" on positive offset wheel with trimming.
  • 33x12.50 for no rub on a 9" wide wheel with +25 offset
  • 17" - 33X12.5R17
  • 18" - 305/65R18
  • 20" - 305/55R20 - 33X12.5R20
  • 22" - 33X12.5R22



 3" Lift Kit

Maximum Tire / Wheel Combo (confirmed)

  • 37x12.5R18 18x8.5 +18mm  Note: Will Require trimming front Air Dam, Trimming front Fender Liner, Pinning Rear Liner to frame. 

Maximum Recommended Tire / Wheel size: 

  • 35x12.5 w/ 18x8.5" +18mm (Perfect Fitment In our Experience) 
  • 295-60R20 with a 20" x 9" wheel and +18 offset


6" Lift Kit


37x12.50R20 20x9 6x5.5 +20 Minor Trimming
35x12.50R20 20x9 6x5.5 +20 -



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